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For You
Pencil sketch by the wonderful Karl James Mountford

Peter has to grow up and grow up fast. The Restless Ones are coming! In the summer months, the island homes of Lake Wranglestone offer safe haven from the Dead but as soon as winter hits, they can cross the frozen water.

Luckily for Peter he finds a warming heartbeat in the form of rancher, Cooper and his trusty stallion, Snowball. Together, they fight for the survival of the lake. However, they soon discover that their safe haven is hiding a dark secret, one that changes everything…

Book Reviews & Buy

‘Sublime & Affecting…a standout work.’

Book designed by Pip Johnson.
Illustration, Jana Heidersdorf.
Animation, Curveball Media.
By Rich Ross
‘Charlton’s prose is economic and direct, but hugely evocative nonetheless. He’s able to paint an immersive sense of a place that’s both a rural idyll and an inescapable prison.His characterisation of this assemblage of frontier men and women provides real substance and texture. Both the love affair and the settlers’ dilemma unfold in ways that are far from predictable. Revelations come crashing in in waves, and consequences sweep through the community overwhelming long-held certainties in their wake. It’s all exciting stuff, that moves the story towards a fraught and gripping conclusion. But it’s the sense of identification that Charlton builds so skilfully with his leading men that ultimately makes this such a standout work.’

‘Gripping and poetic LGBT story of a
post apocalyptic America – played out in a National Park. This is an absolute must-read!

‘With a hugely clever, post-apocalyptic set up at its core, Chartlon has built a thrilling story; part adventure, part zombie-survival, part teen gay romance. Wranglestone really has it all and is sure to delight readers with its characters and story, whilst also promoting the normalcy of gay relationships, without the usual trials and anguish of so many LGBT stories.
By Daniel Falconer
‘Those taking the position that it’s high time we left zombies in the past will be left disappointed when, in a few years’ time, Charlton’s novel is heralded as one that pushed the genre across unforeseen barriers, giving new life to a format that many thought had already had its day. Yes, Wranglestone is that good.
Charlton writes beautifully whenever Peter and Cooper are together. This is a book and a man who will do so much to help so many coming to terms with their own identity, whether that be sexuality or otherwise.’

Charlton’s fantastic debut is both a page turning zombie thriller and a beautifully drawn gay love story.


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