The Great Outdoors + Two Boys + The Dead = ADVENTURE!
Above, this definitive and beguiling vision for Wranglestone by Karl James Mountford, perfectly captures the lake nestled inside its frontier wilderness of pine trees and rocky outcrops. Cooper can be seen in the canoe approaching Peter beneath his treehouse home. Meanwhile, the Dead stalk the shores. Notice also, moose antlers forming a title insignia.
I extend my thanks to Karl for gifting me use of this piece from his private portfolio and giving his permission to share it here.
The original sketch for the above piece, by the wonderful Karl James Mountford.
Alternative sketch by Karl James Mountford, this time with a view of the watchtower.
Above, more wonderful pencil sketches by Karl James Mountford, depicting Peter & Cooper herding the Dead across the plains, Peter’s vision of himself and Cooper as adults in later life together and disaster in the boathouse.
From the sketch book of Karl James Mountford
Beautiful concept art for Wranglestone by Mark Timmins.
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